In Ten Mile2, the landscape upon which Irelands bloodiest battle was fought is portrayed using the aesthetic of absence. This echoes the sites virtual non-existence in that the tangible evidence of battle is no longer visible, and also references the legacy that has seen The Battle of Aughrim to be overshadowed by other events such as The Battle of the Boyne. The monumental battle that took place at Aughrim in 1691 seems to have been somewhat forgotten by the annals of history despite it being described as being ‘The Gettysburg of Ireland’. The work functions on a paradoxical level, a kind of visual anti-dote to the imagined spectacle of war.

Aughrim was the decisive battle of the Williamite War. The fields of this sleepy community in East Galway were witness to 45,000 soldiers taking up arms. It is estimated that close to 9,000 souls ultimately lost their lives. All within a radius of ten square miles.